photobooks, book concepts and paperwork


In Hungarian, the word “lap” has several meanings, among others a sheet of paper, page, card, or slab. “Lapozni” means to turn the page. “Lapozó” is the person who turns the page, and also a word used for picture books. To me, “lapozó” reflects on the inseparable relationship between the book and the viewer.

​The concept of Lapozó is to think about the book as a medium – not as a tool – and reflect this idea through the design. Three unique features about the branding are the photography-based visual mind mapping, the continuous experimentation with various materials along with various binding techniques, and the openness of the working progress. My target is to find the boundary between art and design and step over this line through different projects. Lapozó has limited, handmade collections, and programs related to the concept.