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My name is Lilla Szántói, I’m a freelance photographer and bookbinder from Budapest, Hungary. I earned my BA degree in Fine Art Photography at the University of Kaposvár College of Art in 2014. Since then I have been working to develop my own enterprise in a conceptual book project. During these time of growing, I was designing my own photobooks, taking part in the designing process of photographers’ books, leading courses and workshops in the topic, building the studio – and with all of these aspects increasingly deepening the concept of the Lapozó. In 2017 I started my master’s studies in the faculty of Design and Art management, at Budapest Metropolitan University, where the focus of studies is the phenomenon of touch in art, and the philosophy of photography.


As a continuation of this brand, I co-founded a public art workshop named VLMI Productive in the center of Budapest. The idea of the studio place was primarily to create an inspirational platform for artists representing art fields such as serigraphs, analog photography, and bookbinding. The studio is also open for other multi-arts activities. Our goal is to preserve the traditional manual techniques of these fields and present them to the wider audience. In addition, we think there is a need for searching for new opportunities for these old techniques by putting them into a new and contemporary context.




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