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Is it possible to take a picture of the rain in Germany from here?

Currently, we are witnessing a world of technological development. Its influences affect us in the most undetected ways and we do not take the time to consider them even though it might create strange situations. One of these, new technological opportunities, that especially interests me is Skype. Through the 21st century’s modern way of correspondence we may even forget the absence of someone’s presence, since we are able to see them, hear them, and just almost touch them.

My sister traveled to Germany for two months, so Skype became a part of our daily lives. For me, it was also the medium and filter through which I was able to grasp her abroad experience. Thus, the question of truth and falsehood arises. How true can the picture I take of her be if her true presence is absent. She gave account of her daily life day after day, she showed everything to the camera and I was able to see her and her environment. Through the use of minimal instruction, mainly reclining upon momentum and building upon the revolving themes of personal photography I want to introduce what distance means in a relationship and how we tell our stories from a distance. All of which shall be presented through the possibilities of technological discourse of Skype.

​According to László Moholy-Nagy, all we need for photography is light and lightperceptive material. The main question of my series will be if we require presence at all, in this ever-changing world, and if we are able to overwrite distance and therefore frame the emerging relation. Here too, I will be building upon spectacle and discourse, only personal experience will not be tied to location.

WINDOW photobook 1/20
Lilla Szántói
16×23 cm / color prints on paus paper / self published / 2015
Special thanks to: Zsófi Szántói, my parents, Marcell Piti, Máté Dobokay, Judit Gellér

First dummy of Window photobook, 2014

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