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​​​During workshops, we often encounter accidental compositions, visual marks. A brushstroke bleeding through a page, paper offcuts piling on top of each other, or the line of a torn sheet of paper. Our workshops are inspired by these random details and we focus on the endless possibilities our materials offer. We play with damaged, stained bits of paper and really try to build our work from whatever surrounds us.
This way all of our books are unique.

During this workshop, we will be focusing on bookbinding techniques stemming from different parts of Asia. You’ll have a chance to study and learn Chinese, Japanese, and Korean stitches such as the Yotsume Toji, Kangxi, Kikko Toji, and the Asa-No-Ha Toji.

​ART Book Workshop
Artbooks, photobooks, various book concepts look at the book as a medium. Assigning a book form to any other art language is like giving it a new space of interpretation. To create a symbiosis, thereby casting off the primary service of the book: its formality. This approach of looking at the book as space opens up new possibilities in visual communication, and also brings us back to the culture and importance of handicraft and offline methods. Throughout the course, we will give scope for experimentation and immersion, and become acquainted with the medium, a sensitive and flexible world that cannot be bounded by the sharp walls of categories. Workshop led by Lilla Szántói, photographer, Lapozó and Emoke Dobos, graphic designer, artist.

​POCKET DIARY workshop
From folding to casing-in, this workshop will focus on each step of binding a hardcover book. The diary’s signatures will already be printed for you on 80gr Munken Pure paper with weekly layouts. You can choose from the following two formats – 11*15 cm and 8*11 cm, which you will then fold, sew, trim, and wrap in a unique cover designed by you.

RANDOM workshop / Open Studio, Budapest Design7
Regarding the process of bindery works, I often meet occurrent compositions, such as the paper under the paintings, or the rest pieces of the books after cutting the edges. The Random project of Lapozó books based on that idea. This concept owns the freedom of creativity and has the space to be personalized. During the Random workshop, we are going to use the inspirations of the studio mood and rummage between the number of found and rest papers.

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